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First, the aliens made contact, and then they came to Earth. Now, one ordinary girl is our best hope for peace.

An alien race, the Ba’ren, makes contact with Earth. To jumpstart diplomacy with humans, the Ba’ren offer their advanced medical technology, prompting the United States government to create a joint research project, and to call for the best of the best.

Eighteen-year-old Emma Smith, ready to capitalize on this historic opportunity, beats thousands of applicants for the position of student ambassador. She knows helping the Ba’ren cure osteosarcoma will kick-start her biomedical engineering career, not to mention give her a front-row seat to learn more about the mysterious aliens.

Sepporinen, a young Ba’ren asteroid miner, cares little about meeting humans. He seeks only riches and glory in prospecting the solar system’s asteroids, but the Ba’ren government inexplicably sends him to Earth to assist with the research project, and to work with a young Earth girl.

Emma and Sepporinen draw closer as they work together, and discover far more is at stake than what their respective governments have let on. As political struggles intensify between feuding human and Ba’ren factions, anti-alien sentiment on Earth reaches a lethal pitch. The unlikely pair, determined not to be pawns in this complicated game of life and death, must risk everything to help maintain the fragile peace between their two species.

paperback released: December 4, 2017

eBook released: December 4, 2017

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A new heroine faces the dangers of a brave new world

It has been more than a year since the alien race known as the Ba'ren made contact with humans - and 17-year-old Tiffany Jackson-Li couldn't care less. The excitement, drama, and romance over the aliens coming to the United States are nowhere to be found in east Los Angeles. Life for Tiffany and her family continues to be a struggle, as her impending college expenses increase and the rising racial tensions are making it harder to live in their working-class neighborhood. 

Seeking to help her family's finances, Tiffany applies for the US State Department's Early Ambassadorial Program. She competes with thousands of other teenagers to become America's next student ambassador to the Ba'ren, and for full scholarship to an elite college of her choice.

Tiffany must endure the media scrutiny, backstabbing contestants, and the ever-present threats by anti-alien extremists. As she gets closer to winning, she learns troubling truths about what this Program - and the Ba'ren - are really doing.

Release: Winter 2018

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Embassy Town

(Star City #3)

Details soon!

Release: Winter 2019