I write novels that

  • subverts the usual tropes of the YA, NA, sci-fi, fantasy, & romance genres.
  • features full-fledged, diverse, memorable characters
  • realistic, delightfully unexpected plots.

Here are the projects I'm working on.

Star City series

Star City - Novel #1

Embassy Town - Novel #2

Friendship Village - Novel #3

The Meeting - Short Story #0.1

Research Trials- Short Story #1

agents of State - short story #2


Space aliens, dirty politics, & the great state of Nebraska.

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Status: Star City - 6th draft, Embassy Town - 1st draft, The Meeting - released on Wattpad

Star City is my first completed YA/sci-fi novel. It is currently undergoing a 2nd round of developmental editing.

Kingdom of Lorraine series

The Last Prince - Novel #1

The First Countess - novel #2

Welcome to the Kingdom.

Julie Peterson don't believe in fairy tales. In all the books and movies, girls with skin as dark as hers don't marry Prince Charmings. Julie never suspect she would be invited by the royal family to the Kingdom of Lorraine. Yet, real life is not a romance novel. Relentless media, revolutionaries, assassins, and other threats abound. Will Julie survive, and perhaps, find love?

Status: 1st draft - hiatus :(

I'm currently writing the first book. This is my first attempt at writing a contemporary YA romance series.

Albion Chronicles

The Chronicles of Albion

The peace between the Holy Alliance and the tyrannical empires of the Old Faiths is fragile as both sides wage proxy wars on the Origin Continent. Meanwhile, the nobles, priests, and merchants fight for supremacy within the Kingdom of Albion. Three teenagers found themselves in the middle of dangerous schemes and deadly conspiracies. They must decide who to trust and discover the real source of their Kingdom's troubles.

Status: developmental hell

The Chronicles of Albion was my first completed novel. As is it with an author's first novel, it sucks. I'm currently not working on it, though I hope to someday have the time to fix it.