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Threshold by Val Day-Sanchez - Review

Threshold by Val Day-Sanchez - Review

Here's my review of Threshold by Val Day-Sanchez (@valdaysanchez). This review is also available at Goodreads.

This is a novel with a companion novella, Peak.

How I Got This Book

I received a free Kindle copy from Amazon. I bought the Kindle copy of the companion novella.

The Pitch

Pair of teenagers deal with invasion by (non-anal probing) aliens.


Mysterious alien race arrives on Earth and start abducting humans. Lucas and Cameron must make hard choices when the American President implemented response plan. Meanwhile, aliens who infiltrated human society discover the reasons for their invasion and must decide where their loyalties lie. 

The Good

Threshold is a refreshing break from the cliche-filled YA novels by the Big 5 publishers. The drama and excitement comes from great sci-fi action, not stupid love triangles. The premise is also unique as compared with the current YA market, though of course alien invasion is a common sci-fi trope. I'm glad that the "evil" aliens in Threshold aren't invading Earth for water (or some other stupid reasons in other similar works).

The Bad

The many POVs can be confusing if you read too fast. Character development could've been better.

Overall Rating - 4 of 5

Good YA novel with novel premise.

#YACliches Rating - 4 of 5

This novel specifically subverts many of the YA and sci-fi genres. I'm especially pleased by the lack of glittering vampires and anal-probing greys. 

Sci-Fi Hardness Rating - 4 (Fluorite)

Threshold features aliens with FTL capabilities, so it's on the softer side.

Fifty Inches of Wang Release!

Fifty Inches of Wang Release!

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Celebrate Valentine's Day 2017 with @RealisticYAPlot