Edwin Peng tells provocative, cliche-busting YA stories featuring badass Princesses, Aliens, & the great state of Nebraska

Project Idea #3: The Last Prince

Project Idea #3: The Last Prince

The Last Prince


YA, contemporary, (anti-)romance

Cover Blurb

The quiet suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska is the last place Julie expected to find a real honest-to-goodness Prince, in the form of longtime neighbor and friend, Ricky. When tragedy strikes the Kingdom of Lorraine, Ricky is forced to move back to Europe. He decides ask the only friend he completely trusts, Julie, to accompany him. Romance...does not ensue. Instead, the pair have to contend with Ricky's dysfunctional family, disgruntled subjects suffering a recession, and of course, the suffocating media attention. Julie and Ricky find themselves to be the target of not just paparazzo, but assassins as well.


Julie Peterson

Julie, a stereotypical YA female protagonist, looks forward to one last summer in middle of nowhere Nebraska before attending college in sunny Los Angeles.

Ricky Artois (i.e. Prince Edward Richard Louis)

Raised in exile by his uncle, Ricky loves nothing more than to live the rest of his life in the United States. But, he cannot disobey summons to return from his grandmother, the Queen of Lorrain. 

Queen Anne

Queen Anne is the consort of the current King of Lorrain. She tries to keep the Royal Family together (and in power) after the death of her oldest son and the frequent hospitalizations of her husband.

Prince Henry, Count of Metz

Prince Henry became the heir apparent to the Kingdom of Lorrain after the death of his father. He blatantly disregards his royal duties; devoting most of his time partying around Europe.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret is the daughter of the deceased Crown Prince. She divides her time between her ceremonial role as the Captain-General of the Queen's Cavalry and trying to get her grandparents to listen to her ideas for reforming Lorrain.


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