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Project Idea #1: Albann Chronicles

Project Idea #1: Albann Chronicles

Albann Chronicles


YA, realistic fantasy/hard sci-fi

Cover Blurb

In the Kingdom of Albann, three teenagers, Adia, Clemens, and Glenda, begin their studies at the Central Temple. They are eager to live in this great city and advance their position in society. But, these are tenuous times. The peace between the Holy Alliance and the tyrannical empires of the Old Faiths is fragile as both sides wage proxy wars on the Origin Continent. Meanwhile, the nobles, priests, and merchants fight for supremacy within the Kingdom, while the commoners suffer from famine, Pagan raiders, and plague. Inexplicably, the Archpriest of Albann taskes the three students with solving a mysterious murder. Adia, Clemens, and Glenda found themselves in the middle of dangerous schemes and plots; they must learn who to trust and discover the real source of their Kingdom's troubles.


Adia Li

The daughter of a Hwa soldier and a local Angle gentry, Adia dreamed of studying agriculture at the Central Temple.


Glenda is a "Temple Born", one of the orphans raised by the Priest and Priestess of the Domain. Her darker complexion created the rumor that she was Baron Frigboren's bastard daughter, though Glenda knew this to be nonsense. She wish to study the healing arts at the Central Temple and to discover her true parentage.

Clemens Celsius

Clemens Celsius is the second son of the Duke of Clarence. Unlike his parents, he has great reverence for the Faith of the Domain. He quit as a Cadet in the Royal Army in order to become a Priest at the Central Temple.

Lady Frigboren

The eldest daughter and heir to the newest Barony in the Kingdom of Albion, Lady Frigboren serves as lady-in-waiting (and bodyguard) to Aldreda, the Princess Royal.

Archpriest Samson

The new Archpriest, Samson was elected with a mandate to reform the Temples of Albann from the excesses of his predecessor.  He found his new duties to be harder than anticipated, especially when rumors that Avatars, the human incarnation of the Spirits whom the Domain worship, have reappeared in the Kingdom.

Project Idea #2: Jokers Wild

Project Idea #2: Jokers Wild

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