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Querying & Beta Readers - Progress Report #9

I intended to update more frequently on my Star City progress, but life has a way of turning out to be busier than expected.

Anyways, in the past month I submitted total of 10 queries to literary agents. So far, there's 6 rejections, and I'm still waiting on the remaining 4.

My sister, Joyce, has been a great help to me with editing all the letters, synopsis, and manuscript. We're trying not to feel too discourage about our current lack of success. After reading interviews of success stories on QueryTracker, it appears that on average 1st time authors (like me) has to query 100+ agents before finding representation.

I got three more beta readers for Star City: Joyce's friend Timothy and our Aunt Wang & Uncle Mike in Virginia.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who's supporting my efforts to publishing this novel!

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