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Review of "An Absolute Mind" by Lauren Lola

Review of "An Absolute Mind" by Lauren Lola

An Absolute Mind by Lauren Lola

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How I Got this Book

I got the Kindle edition of An Absolute Mind as a complimentary review copy from the author.


In late 21st century America, nineteen-year-old Sonya Ogino is your typical college sophomore. She thought her biggest problem is choosing a major, but soon she discovers that she has a special genetic ability. Sonya must contend with the dangers - and possibilities - of her "Absolute Memory" powers.

The Good

First, I commend Lauren Lola for the willingness to write something different. An Absolute Mind's genre can be best described as "NA Utopia". Reading this book is a refreshing break from the hoard of YA Dystopian and NA "Abusive Billionaire" Romance novels. The closes novel that is similar in genre is the Earth Girl series by Janet Edwards

Lauren Lola gives us a heroine, and perhaps more importantly, an optimistic, progressive future that we can believe in and cheer for. In our current political and social conditions, novels such as An Absolute Mind are what we need our young people to read.

The Bad

Usually, we fault a book for what it lacks. For An Absolute Mind, I believe the major flaw is that there's "not enough". I want to explore more of this world and the far-reaching implications of humans with Absolute Memory. I believe this book could be better served if it was expanded into a series. 


4 of 5
A good "NA Utopian" novel!

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Hardness Scale

apatite (5 of 10)

With Absolute Memory, An Absolute Mind is a bit on the soft side of science fiction. However, I do love an actual realistic take on such a setting. 

Thank You Reviewers!

Thank You Reviewers!

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