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1st Draft's Day by Day Progress - Progress Report #2

I used WriteWayPro to write the first draft of Star City.  It's an old, outdated writing software, so I switched to Scrivener for my 2nd draft.  But, WriteWay has this nifty chart feature tabulating how many words I wrote each day:

Here's some observations I made of my 1st draft writing progress:


My goal when I started writing Star City was to write 500 words a day and finish with about 100,000 total words.  I figured that I should be able to rewrite such a large, messy pile of words into a passable novel.  I'm glad I met my goal, with an average daily word count of 575 words.

Peaks & Valleys

You'll notice that there was quite a lot of variation in how much I wrote each day.  I was more productive during weekends, and less during workdays when I'm busy at school.  Also, note how I started this first draft very slow, as I spent most of the time outlining the novel.  By the end of December, I had nearly complete idea of what my novel's plot gonna be, so I was very productive during the last winter break. 


My most productive day was February 14th, Valentine's Day, when I light up my keyboard with whopping 2668 words.  I'm single and didn't feel like going out, so instead I stayed home and came really close to completing my draft.

Anyways, I hope you find this "behind the scenes" look at the progress of writing a novel's first draft interesting.

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